Interview: Aleksander Cipa, chairman of Union of Journalists Albania

Media  is dominated by interest groups that misuse it, degrading and annihilating journalists’ integrity and objectivity.

Statement: Bojana Barlovac

Statement: Bojana Barlovac

Bojana Barlovac, a journalist and editor of the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network speaks about the threats on the media in SEE.

Statement: Zdenko Duka

President of the Croatian Association of Journalists (HND) speaks about economic crisis in Croatia and its reflections on the journalists profession.

Statement: Žarko Korać

Žarko Korać, Deputy-Speaker of the National Assembly, Serbia speaks about the problems that media face in the region of SEE. 

Statement: Gordana Vilović

Professor from Department of the political science at University of Zagreb about devastation of the media in Croatia.