Reporting on Interreligious and Interethnic Tensions: The Meaning Behind the Headlines, 2013.

The publication is a result of a mixed method research study conducted from January till June 2012 by the research team of the School of Journalism and Public Relations.
The quantitative content analysis identified the amount and the patterns of media reporting on delicate interethnic and interfaith issues, focusing on respect of different aspects of professional and ethical standards. The method of Critical Discourse Analysis is applied for the qualitative analysis of the media coverage of three events that shacked the fragile interethnic relations in the first half of 2012: the European Championship in handball in 2012, the Carnival of Vevchani, and the Smilkovsko Lake Murders. The synthesized findings clearly “detect” the extent to which basic standards of impartial, accurate and balanced reporting are being observed and the practice of using violent and emotional language through the prism of “one’s own” ethnic group.