Reporting from Parallel Worlds: Media of Minorities in Macedonia, 2013

The results of a mixed method research study conducted in 2012 by the research team of the School of Journalism are publicized in this book.
The findings reveal a range of new dimensions of the rights of ethnic communities in the media sphere and open serious questions and dilemmas about the future media and regulatory policy. The deep divisions in society along political and ethnic lines are clearly outlined in the organization and the program content of the public service and of the private media outlets. All these media act as information ghettos, which nourish and reinforce the image of each ethnic community as a separate cultural segment of the society.  Thus, they reflect over and over again the political and ethnic polarization of the society. The journalistic community does not have clear professional identity. The journalists are in a unbreakably strong ethnic-cum-clientelistic link with "their" political elites, and this is especially true for the editorial staff in the public service, which dominantly transmits news for protocol activities of the state officials.