Study: Media situation in Kosovo

Study: Media situation in Kosovo

Press Council of Kosovo together with two other non-governmental organizations, Kosovo 2.0 – an online media and a magazine, and Ҫohu, on May 3rd will publish the first findings of the survey conducted regarding media situation in Kosovo in line with 27 indicators of the Council of Europe.

The final report will aim to grasp the attention of media policy makers, respective state institutions, media owners and professionals, associations and organizations, media experts, and interested public, in order to properly implement the entirety of legal, professional and institutional challenges in accordance with the European Council indicators.

The survey has been carried out in different cities of Kosovo, including the journalists of all types of media. A series of interviews, 175 in total, were conducted with journalists throughout Kosovo.

Qerim Ondozi from Press Council of Kosovo considers this report to be a very significant development in the overall media scene in Kosovo. "Taking into account that this Council is made of editors in chief of all daily newspaper and many online portals, the results deriving from this report will give them a valuable insight related to the perception of their staff towards general condition and atmosphere of journalistic work", says Mr. Ondozi.

The data are designated in six sections, and cover these key areas:

  • Legal perspective and applicability for freedom of expression and information
  • Self-regulatory media mechanism
  • Media bias and professionalism
  • Institution transparency with regard to media
  • Interference on media
  • Safety in journalism

"Data derived from the survey will be utilized for general public information concerning perception of journalists on media environment. Having the data from the survey and focus groups, we seek to accomplish several in-depth interviews with numerous media owners, policy-makers and media editors", says Lorik Bajrami, executive director of Ҫohu.

The findings will be used and followed by in depth interviews with key media figures in Kosovo, resulting in a comprehensive report on journalists perception, to be published in early October 2015. This study is the first of its kind in Kosovo.

This study is part of the project "Report on media situation based on Council of Europe’s Indicators for Media in a Democracy", funded by Civil Rights Defenders.