Different forms, same purpose

Nikola Maticki, student of journalism and editor of Žurnalist, the most successful student monthly in Serbia, talks about future of journalism. Despite constant changes, he believes that journalism will not lose its purpose or its charm.

Here is what Maticki said in the interview for SEE Media Observatory, during the conference on media alternatives, held 13 June 2016 in Novi Sad.

I came to this conference with an overall idea about what I’m going to talk, but after these few hours, I’ve got some new perspectives. Conferences like this are often filled with depression, which is understandable, but I think the situation is not as bad as it looks. Lenart, speaker from Slovenia, made a really good observation. He said that journalism is just like plasticine, that journalism has various, changeable forms, and I completely agree with him.

Journalism has never been reactive power, it was always proactive. It always had the goal, and that is to inform. Whom to inform, in whose interests – it’s questionable, of course, but it always had the goal to inform. I don’t believe, in theory, that changes in mass media and communication will transform the purpose of journalism, neither that journalism will lose its charm. It won’t, because the purpose is more important than a form, concluded Maticki.

Note: the video is in local language.