Holding on to our personal and professional integrity

Sanja Mikluešević Pavić, former news program editor at HTV, spoke about the personal and professional integrity of journalists and political interference in Croatia, in an interview for SEE Media Observatory. Here is what she said: 

I think that because of the way in which we [HTV] are financially supported, which is mostly subscription fee that most of the time has been regularly paid, situation in Croatia is a bit different [than in Serbia].
I wouldn't say that editors are underpaid, but there is a lack of responsibility for the work you are paid for and for which you studied and worked in journalism for so many years. The only question is how much will we hold on to our personal integrity, to our professional integrity, how much will you stand behind your journalists. I was working on both positions, I started as a journalists and i went through all the steps until I became an editor of informational desk of Croatian Television, which has modified lately by merging the editorials of radio and television, but some of the problems are the same. And that is the attempts of the politics to interfere. The case of our former Prime Minister Ivo Sanader who tried to rule the media and did not end up well, shows us that ruling over the media in such a way is not successful in the long run. As much as he had his people in the programming that served him, he didn't succeed to keep the truth from being revealed and he is today under serious judicial charges.
Note: the video interview is in local language.
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