Split, Rijeka, Osijek: discussions on media integrity research

Split, Rijeka, Osijek: discussions on media integrity research
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Fri, 2015-02-20 00:15
After Zagreb (October 2014) presentation of the media integirty reserach report for Croatia „Media Integrity Matters“  and debate with local media community  themed “How to Return Media and Journalism to the Sphere of Public Interest – Croatian Case” happened  (January 2015) in three other cities in Croatia (Split, Rijeka, Osijek ).
Along the project coordinator Brankica Petković (Peace Institute, Ljubljana) and the editor of the Croatian book Saša Leković (Investigative Journalism Center) the promoters were Zdenko Duka (Croatian Journalists Association president), Branko Mijić (columnist, Novi list daily), Nada Zgrabljić Rotar (Faculty of Croatian Studies at Zagreb University), Natasa Škaričić (free lance journalist), Predrag Lucić (journalist and author), Željana Buntić-Pejaković (Cenzura Plus, NGO supports human rights and media freedom), Vuk Tešija (editor, Glas Slavonije, daily).
„The Meaningof Media Integrity is a book that confirms scientifically the observation known  among the journalists - that the media scene has never been in such a dredful state! Although the text is written on an academic level and in accordance to the methodological standards, the book is not dull to read. Moreover, it has all the ellements of a good political triller: politicians that work not in the interest of the public, media owners that break the journalists' rights, marketing agencies that play power games, obscure business on the verge of the law, conflicts of interests and corruption on every step! This is in breaf, the description of the grey media scene, the time and the space in which journalists live and work today, to which they have (sad but true) contributed themselves in these (post)transtitional times by their lack of structured effort. The only thing which gives a spark of hope is the fact that the problem has been recognized and that this is the first step to its resolution.“
Vuk Tešija
„Returning media and journalism to the sphere of public interest should be priority for a such divided community as Croatia because there is no free individuals either democratic environment without   free press. Media integrity is jeopardized by everyone, from media owners to the state. There is no media strategy either satisfactory legal frame.  This book is alarming on daner of corruptive journalism as a worst form of propaganda for manipulation of the general public.“ 
Branko Mijić
„From my point of you, this book is extremely important step towards understanding of ethical problems in journalism as a profession because authors suggest that journalistic work which retreat from public interest should be seen as a corruption in journalism.“
Natasa Škaričić
„Mediy integrity in Croatia exist to such a degree that is considered as redundant. Probaly why this book has been mostly reserved in the media.“ 
Predrag Lucić