Contest open for EU Award for Investigative Journalism in Macedonia

Contest open for EU Award for Investigative Journalism in Macedonia
All journalists that had worked on investigative stories related to abuse of power and fundamental rights, corruption and organised crime in Macedonia in 2014, can apply at the contest for EU Investigative Journalism Award by April 23, 2015. The award is established by the European Commission, DG Enlargement, following the EU Enlargement strategy which recognizes strong need for ensuring freedom of expression in the media and for support to investigative journalism to monitor the reform processes. 
The award was promoted today (24 March 2015) at EU Infocenter in Skopje by Biljana Petkovska, director of MIM and Robert Liddell, Head of Political and Justice and Home Affairs, Information and Communication at EU Delegation.
The purpose of the EU investigative journalism award is to celebrate and promote the outstanding achievements of investigative journalists and improve the visibility of quality investigative journalism in the Western Balkans countries and Turkey. 
The EU investigative journalism award will be given each year in each of seven countries (Western Balkans and Turkey) in the period of three years. Annual award fund for each country is 10,000 Euro. Up to three investigative stories will be awarded, while the individual award prize ranges from 3.000 до 5.000 Euros.
The award is administered by the regional partnership of civil society organisations, coordinated by the Peace Institute in Ljubljana. The Macedonian Institute for Media, as member of the partnership, will coordinate the activities related to the contest. 
Deadline for submission of nominations is April 23 2015.