Stories on crime and corruption

Jelena Jovanović, journalist of daily “Vijesti” is the winner of the first prize at the third EU Award for investigative journalism, for story “The mafia shoots the whole city””. 
In the video she speaks about where investigative journalism in Montenegro is today, about unrevealed attacks on journalists, a need for an adequate legally protection, status and general conditions for journalists.
The winning story covers an issue of problem with drug gangs in the coastal town of Kotor, their clashes and influence on daily life of the popular historic and touristic destination. Jelena was brave and has showed professional courage in order to prove that all entrance, exits and important part of city of Kotor are under cameras, posted by mafia, aimed to control costal town. Her story provoked reaction of institutions in Montenegro, police and prosecutor. A few members of one of drug gangs have been arrested, and trial against them is ongoing.
“I thought that investigative journalism in Montenegro is almost dead and that there is no interest for investigative stories. However, this award gives me hope that it is worth to fight for stories which go tackle the essence of problem, and force authorities to reaction”, said awarded Jovanović.
Journalists of Center for investigative journalism of Montenegro (CIN), Milena Perović Korać and Milka Tadić Mijović, won the second prize for a series of articles which revealed wide spread corruption in Kolasin, popular winter center in Montenegro.
Journalist of daily Vijesti, Ivan Čadjenović , winner of the award for the best investigative story by young journalist, was awarded for series of articles which showed seriosus suspeciopus that dean of Law school in Podgorica, allegedly plagiarized his textbook and PHD thesis.