Journalism and Media Industry in Serbia: Chalenges and Responses, 2012

The journal contains a thematic part related to the second part of the Centre for Media and Media Research’s project „Profession at the crossroad – journalism at the threshold of the information society”. The first part of the project explored social, economic and technological characteristics of journalism community in Serbia and its capacities to meet the global media challenges and domestic transition processes. The second part studies the organizational aspect of journalistic professionalism and answers the question how the media build organizational and working environment for professional development in the light of technological changes. Five indicators are analyzed – technological capacities of media, professional resources, economic achievements, openness to networking and expectations from the state. According to results, the media could be divided in four groups: (1) media with adequate technology and human resources, (2) media with insufficient technological and human resources, (3) media with basic technology and adequate human resources and (4) media with uncertain future.