Kosovo Media Indicators 2015

Kosovo Media Indicators 2015
A thorough study from a journalists’ point of view on Kosovo’s media freedom and conditions

This publication describes the implementation and data analysis of the research study “Media Indicators 2015” commissioned by Kosovo Glocal – Kosovo 2.0, COHU and Kosovo Press Council, and conducted by UBO Consulting.

The focus of the study was the current perception of journalists on key media-related issues in Kosovo.

The main objective of the study was to determine and examine the perception of journalists in Kosovo on freedom of media, based on 27 indicators of the European Council. The analysis is categorized in six sectors, covering all areas of the study that pertain significant information on the perception of journalists and media freedom:

1.      Legal perspective and applicability for freedom of expression and information

2.      Self-regulatory media mechanisms

3.      Media bias and professionalism

4.      Institution transparency with regard to media

5.      Interference in media

6.      Safety in journalism.

Full English report is available here.