Roli i reklamave në zhvillimin e medias, 2012.

This paper attempts to shed light on the main trends of the media market in the last years in general, and on media advertising funds in particular, by identifying the specific features of this market and by considering the influence of the market on media quality and independence.
Nonetheless, considering that the market, in spite of its significant importance, is only one of the factors that affect professional journalism, the paper analyzes the media in a wider angle. The angle includes the importance of transparency in media funding, the progress of media market in the country, the legal mechanisms that affect independent journalism, self-regulatory mechanisms and the self-regulation process, labor relations of journalists, as well as the mapping of the media ownership schheme and transparency of funding. Only by examining all of these elements and their interaction it is possible to have a more complete view of the situation in the country, especially on the way that market and advertising affect editorial content and media independence.