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Professional journalism under pressure

Professional journalism under pressure

Marijana Ćamović, president of Trade union of media in Montenegro speaks about the conditions for journalists in that country to do their job with integrity.

Direct political influence on media

Mihailo Jovović, editor in chief of daily "Vijesti" about demonisation of independent media in Montenegro.

Protecting and promoting media integrity

SEE Observatory adapts the notion of “media integrity” to capture whole set of indicators of  qualities of the media sector crucial for its ability to serve public interest and democratic processes

Statement: Bojana Barlovac

Statement: Bojana Barlovac

Bojana Barlovac, a journalist and editor of the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network speaks about the threats on the media in SEE.

Statement: Zdenko Duka

President of the Croatian Association of Journalists (HND) speaks about economic crisis in Croatia and its reflections on the journalists profession.