Stakeholders meeting, Zagreb 17 April 2013

Event date: 
Wed, 2013-04-17 09:00

The first IJC stakeholders meeting on April 17th, 2013 was a successful brainstorming session of various participants involved in the media process, although lacking the presence of media owners, the key part of the equation.

However, the absence of those made no taboo subject unbreachable, so the participants from various government and administrative departments, NGOs and expert bodies were able to discuss at length things like covert ownership of media through front companies, censorship by withholding advertising revenue, inertness of politicians involved in media legislature and overseeing, and the drastic plummeting of the quality of journalism in Croatia and prevalence of frivolous themes instead of socially responsive, critical investigative journalism.
Ways to improve the situation were discussed and tentative deals and proposals made, enough to make it very successful for an introductory meeting .

Rajko Naprta, chair the Department of Paper, Press and Media in the Croatian Chamber of Economy,

„My name is Rajko Naprta and I chair the Department of Paper, Press and Media in the Croatian Chamber of Economy. The CCE has, as a public government body, from July 1st of 2004., according to the Law on Media, held a register on publishing and distributing the print media. In those nine years we have pointed out certain failings that we have noticed in due course of performing those public duties that we are empowered to do, and have reached the conclusion that it is necessary to regard closely and restructure the media legislature as a whole, because as of now it consists of more than twenty laws, regulations and decisions that come to a total of more than 400 pages of text, and it seems impossible to come, by partial analysis of particular articles of those laws and regulations, to any notion on how to restructure the existing legislature, moreover since today it has fallen heavily behind the technological development; today we should consider the media as a whole and particular platforms like print, electronic media, the web and so on should be subsumed into a notion of multimedia as a whole.“