The Awards for Excellence in Journalism

Event date: 
Fri, 2013-11-29 17:00
The representatives of seven European media foundations came together and agreed that encouraging high-quality journalism, in print or online, will help raise journalism's role as a vital defender of democracy's freedoms and as an initiator of a serious European discourse. With that purpose they established the European Press Prize. 
In 2013 awards will be given in four separate categories. Each award consists of € 10,000.
1. The Editing Award – For the editor who the judges believe has contributed most to public debate and public understanding;
2. The Commentator Award – For the feature writer, columnist or commentator who has done most to illuminate vital issues for his readers;
3. The News Reporting Award – For the reporter or specialist expert whose work has made a decisive impact;
4. The Innovation Award – For the outstanding innovation of the year – in print or via digital: anything that makes a significant contribution to journalism’s future.
From this year, 2013, the judges will be empowered to award a special prize for particular excellence in editing or any other discipline, including reporting, feature write and advocacy i.e. The Special Award . No-one need or should enter for this. The judges will choose for themselves. 
The European Press Prize 2013 is open for entries/nominations until Friday, November 29.
Please read here more about the new European Press Prize. 
Here is link to the online form for nominations: 
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