Future of independent journalism in Western Balkans and Turkey

Future of independent journalism in Western Balkans and Turkey
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Mon, 2016-06-13 09:00
Upcoming final conference of SEE Media Observatory, Novi Sad, 13 June 2016
The final regional conference of the SEE Media Observatory “Alternatives: Media reforms for media integrity and future of independent journalism in the countries of South East Europe” will be held in Novi Sad on 13 June 2016 aiming to serve as a forum for discussing alternatives to current media systems, relations and practices which obstruct media integrity in the countries of South East Europe.

In the fourth year of research, advocacy, investigative journalism and debates revealing problems and obstacles for independent journalism and highlighting some good practices of media integrity protection, the final regional event of the SEE Media Observatory will gather pro-integrity actors from ten project countries, and also several other European countries, to deliver ideas on what to do to save journalism and media integrity in the region – which models of funding are available for such journalism and media, who can take a lead in the journalistic community and the media to systematically defend the profession, which role should the state play in providing conditions for independent and efficient work of media regulators? 
At the final conference the latest research of the Observatory on editors and their role in protection or obstruction of media integrity in the countries of the region will be presented.
The final conference will also serve as a sum-up of key messages and recommendations our researchers and debates generated during more than three years of the project in order to inform, provoke and promote media reforms. We will also deliver some final comprehensive recommendations how to build alternatives to the media systems which do not support democracy.
More than 80 participants from the region and other European countries have confirmed their participation. The conference will be held in Hotel Park, Novosadskog sajma 35, Novi Sad. 
Program of the conference is available here