Good practices in protection of media integrity in SEE

Good practices in protection of media integrity in SEE
Event date: 
Thu, 2016-04-14 09:30

Regional round table to be held in Sarajevo on April 14.

The media integrity research of the SEE Media Observatory from 2014 and 2015 revealed problems and obstacles, but also some good practices regarding protection and promotion of media integrity, i.e. public service values in journalism and media. This event will focus exactly on these good practices in the region, often overlooked because the problems are so numerous and profound.

The regional round table will discuss several good practices in in the region related to media policy, anti-corruption framework in media and journalism practices. The aim is to exchange information and knowledge about good examples – how they are achieved, what made them possible and how these experiences can be useful for proposing and advocating media reforms.

Key findings of the small research on good practices of media integrity protection will be presented to encourage discussion among participants. The round table will gather representatives of good examples identified in the media integrity research, but also actors who face obstacles in their efforts to protect media integrity and who can learn from more successful experiences. Some of the numerous speakers that will share their experiences are: Miroslav Milićević, Vice President of Anti-corruption Council of the Government of Serbia, Barbara Krajnc, Former director of Advertising Chamber in Slovenia, Brankica Stanković, Editor of (Serbia) and Gordana Igrić, Regional director of BIRN.

The full list of participants and the round table program are available here.