Open Talks About Covert Censorship

Open Talks About Covert Censorship
Event date: 
Thu, 2016-02-25 13:00

BIRN Serbia is organising a regional debate about media freedom and censorship. The debate is to be held on Thursday, February 25th at 1pm, at Medija centar in Belgrade.

Topics include:

- What are the trends shaping the media landscape of Serbia, Montenegro, Croatian and Bosnia and Herzegovina?
- How do journalists ensure their freedom and how do they fight the pressures? 
- What are our differences and what do we have in common? 
Sasa Lekovic, president of Croatian Journalists' Association 
A representative of the Center for Civic Education, Montenegro
Aleksandar Trifunovic, BUKA Magazine, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Tanja Maksić, BIRN Serbia
Slobodan Georgiev, BIRN Serbia
The debate is organised at a time when a number of international reports show a significant decline in media freedom in Serbia, but also in neighboring countries. On this occasion, the second report on "soft" censorship in Serbia, produced with the support by the SEE Media Observatory project, will be presented. 
For live stream of the event, follow Medija centar's website and Twitter hashtag #OslobodiMedije.