Sashka Cvetkovska- Winner of EU Award for Investigative Journalism in Macedonia

Sashka Cvetkovska- Winner of EU Award for Investigative Journalism in Macedonia
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Sat, 2015-06-20 14:15
Journalist Sashka Cvetkovska is given the first prize in the contest for “EU Award for Investigative Journalism in 2014“, for the story „The Spy-landowner“, published on the internet television „NovaTV“. The winning story reveals that the former director of the Administration for Security and Counterintelligence owns millions worth property in Prague, which was not declared in his property declaration form. 
In the competition of 18 research stories from 15 authors all together, Cvetkovska’s story received highest marks by the jury composed of: Marina Tuneva, president of the jury, Biljana Petkovska, Erol Rizaov, Zoran Bojarovski and Sefer Tahiri.
Journalist Ljubisha Arsik received second prize for the series of articles on the topic "Are the two missing AFIS systems used to produce illegal biometric documents for voters in elections?", published in the weekly magazine „Fokus“. The story reveals an organized network that involves senior government officials, state and educational institutions, which suspiciously effectuate procurement of scientific laboratory equipment which was further inappropriately allocated to a single government portfolio, in several complex relations.
Journalist Biljana Nikolovska received third prize for the series of TV articles on the topic „Tamara Dimovska Case: How the healthcare system kills a child“, broadcasted on TV Telma. The story reveals anomalies and inoperativeness of the healthcare system, through disclosure of the story on the tragic fate of the little Tamara, which instigated great attention and reactions among the public.
The jury concluded that most stories are quality made and address exceptionally important topics of public interest, and thus decided to award the maximum number of prizes and fully allocate the available award fund. The winning story is awarded a prize of 4000 Euro, while second and third stories’ winners receive prizes of 3,000 Euro each.

VIDEO: Statements from the awarded journalists
The jury concluded that young journalists who persistently and consistently work on different stories and thereby demonstrate the courage to resist different centres of power, must be enthused. The Commission highlights the fact that most of received stories involve the very element in them - courage, referring to powerful people or institutions that seem unreachable or protected.
You can download the Report of the jury, HERE.