After the SEE Media Observatory final conference, titled “Alternatives: Media reforms for media integrity and future of independent journalism in the countries of SEE” here we publish the contributions by some of the conference speakers. To read the contributions, follow the links below:

Welcome speech by Dubravka Valić Nedeljković, Novi Sad School of Journalism Board President, SEE Media Observatory project partner,

Welcome speech by Brankica Petković, Peace Institute, Ljubljana, SEE Media Observatory project coordinator,

Opening speech (video) by Dunja Mijatović, OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media,

Keynote speech on the role of editors by Geraldine Kennedy, former editor-in-chief of The Irish Times,

Presentation of the SEE Media Observatory research findings on the role of editors by Ilda Londo, Albanian Media Institute,

Speech on challenges for journalism today and how to protect independent journalism, by Caelainn Barr, data journalist at the Guardian,

Presentation on alternative models of funding independent journalism by Milan F. Živković, former media policy advisor at Ministry of Culture in Croatia – in Croatian language (the whole policy paper on alternative models commissioned by the SEE Media Observatory is available in English here)

Speech on fudning independent journalism by Rene van Zanten, director of the Dutch Journalism Fund,

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Photo by the Duch Journalism Fund

(Mr. van Zantent could not attend the conference due to last-minute travel difficulties, but his speech was read by Ms. Caelainn Barr)

Speech on funding independent journalism by Algirdas Lipstas, deputy director of Program on Independent Journalism, Open Society Foundations.

The final regional conference of the SEE Media Observatory “Alternatives: Media reforms for media integrity and future of independent journalism in the countries of South East Europe” held in Novi Sad on 13 June 2016, was an opportunity to discuss alternatives to current media systems, relations and practices which obstruct media integrity in the countries of South East Europe.

The full program of the conference is available here. To read the report summarising the content of the conference, follow the link here.

Media Integrity
Media Policy and Reforms
Media Ownership and Finances