Let’s do something

Dunja Mijatović, OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media speaks about the challenges for the freedom of speech and freedom of media in the context of highlighted importance given to the online and offline security.
Mijatović mentions contemporary attempts of governments to silence the critical voices, with cases of bad legislation such as the Law on Public Order in Republika Srpska (in Bosnia and Herzegovina), potential threats to people engaging on Facebook in Serbia, or scandal on wiretapping of journalist in Macedonia. She goes on to stress that the challenges are not limited to the SEE region only, with cases involving New York Times and Associated Press evolving around the issue of protection of sources or the new Law discussed in the United Kingdom (so called RIPA) that is potentially limiting investigative journalism, etc.
Finally, she points out the need for changes of government policies, but also for greater engagement of civil society, stating that the proclaimed dedication of international organisations to the freedom of speech is not enough. “Let’s do something… to produce something positive for our societies globally”, she concludes.
Media Policy and Reforms