PSB in Bosnia and Herzegovina is quite a challenge

Sally Broughton Micova, lecturer at University of East Anglia (UK), and London School of Economics visiting fellow, speaks for SEE Media Observatory about the role of public service media and the challenges they face. While she mentions demands for particular programming that provides information, promotes cultural values and provides educative content, she also stresses that the public service role can only be fulfilled if people not only use these media, but also participate in both shaping what their public service remit should be and holding them accountable for fulfilling their role. 
She points out that the first challenge related to public service media is the absence of the "will of the political elites to keep their hands off" these media. Other challenges are related to difficulties in funding and to high competition, both from within the local market and from the foreign media. For PSB to better play its role, rethinking of the funding patterns and/or reorganizing of the institutions might be called for in some countries. The existence of three public service broadcasters in Bosnia and Herzegovina adds to the challenges, which might require rethinking of the PSB system and opening a wider discussion on the needs of the public as a whole.
Public Service Media