Who will pay for journalism?

Who will pay for journalism?
Policy analysis titled “Alternative models for independent media funding: Who will pay for journalism?” 
The basic argument for reform of existing media policies comes down to the question: “How should we fund journalism that serves the public interest?” Several new models that may offer some answers are being developed and put into practice. Analysis of these models, of ideas and alternative options for sustainable funding of independent media and journalism, indicates that media systems call for a thorough overhaul.
It is insufficient to rely on relatively stable, sustainable public funding for public service broadcasters and market revenues, together with various forms of public support for commercial media, i.e. the established funding models for traditional media outlets. Therefore, one should give some thought to the creation of new media systems that will enable non-profit “third sector” media to develop. The multitude of non-profit media run by various communities is greater in some countries and smaller in others, but as a rule, is relegated to the cultural, ethnic, political and financial margin. Nevertheless, their development should serve as a foundation for new media policies, removed from both market influence and government control. To this end, non-profit media require purposeful and sufficient public funding.
Above all, the crisis in the media is a crisis of journalism and of its integrity. The public has long since lost faith in the sort of journalism that, instead of serving the public interest, furthers the interests of political and economic elites. It would take much to rebuild that trust, but primarily, it is a matter of finding mechanisms that will make the media accountable to the public. This analysis, commissioned by the SEE Media Observatory, will show that the basic goal of a democratic media policy is to provide public and sustainable funding for journalism in its full democratic capacity.
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