Young people will save journalism

Borjan Jovanovski, editor of from Macedonia, talks about sustainability of media in Western Balkans. He believes that citizens need to help journalists, so that journalists could help citizens in solving problems. This could be done through crowdfunding and citizen journalism, indicates Jovanovski.
Here is what he said in the interview for SEE Media Observatory.
Journalism will succeed and overcome all temptations, both global and regional, only if journalists become the owners of journalism. We have seen in many cases that all other solutions – including wealthy investors who have to understand our principles, ethics etc. – simply don’t function. One successful story was mentioned, concerning Koha Ditore, daily from Kosovo. But let me remind you, it was established by Veton Surroi, mostly with international funds. It may be feasible in Kosovo, which is under the supervision of international community. That kind of media outlet could not function outside of Kosovo.
So, how to succeed in this area? How to initiate and encourage citizens to take part in crowdfunding, which is very popular in the West, or in citizen journalism? Citizens need to help journalists, so that journalists could help citizens in solving problems. That is our challenge and we have to work hard in order to find appropriate formulas and recipes, in order to save journalism.
How do young people use media today? It depends on their age. Really young people, under the age of 20, mostly visit websites with entertainment content. But, on the other side, it is obvious that students completely understand the way the mainstream media outlets function. Those media insult them and their intellect, it is a brutal manipulation. Many young people are our readers, which encourages me. They comment a lot, they share our research through social networks. In this regard, I expect from those young people, those generations, when they get opportunities and money in times to come, to support media. Those are the people, those are new generations, and it is that civic awareness, that will for example, gladly invest 50 euro in some media outlet that conducts some research dedicated to the public interest, concludes Jovanovski. 
Note: the video interview is in local language.