In memoriam - Esad Hećimović

In memoriam - Esad Hećimović
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Fri, 2017-05-05 08:15

Esad Hećimović was awarded with the support of the project South East European Media Observatory in investigative reporting. The story Eronet: Covering up everything was a result of a lengthy, thorough research for data and documents and a series of interviews to reveal a money-laundering ring which spanned from Mostar via Sarajevo and Ljubljana to Graz. The story, requiring a cross-border cooperation of journalists from these countries, led to legal consequences in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Recognized by the international community of investigative reporters, Esad Hecimovic presented the findings at the Dataharvest conference in May, and at the regional conference of anti-corruption and media in Ljubljana in December of 2014.

Esad Hecimovic was an award-winning, acknowledged journalist, he authored several books based on his investigations, and worked as editor at leading news media organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He was a quiet, thorough, dedicated and brave journalist. His death is a huge loss for the community of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also for all those from many countries who knew him and worked together with him in the project South East European Media Observatory.